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About this website

This site, which began as an exercise in HTML programming, has grown to an unexpected size. Three years after the first page was written, it comprised more than 400 pages. It then reached 700 pages, with a Web bloopers section (funny translation errors), pages about my Travels, recipes and, last but not least, a Hiking section that became the most popular part among the visitors. version 1

May 2009, I finally caught up with the modern way of building websites, adopting the CSS, which allow to separate the content from the presentation.

version 2

Then in Spring 2013, a project for a hiking guidebook became reality - alas only in French language. To merge the website with the book concept, I revamped and trimmed it to focus on the mountain hiking section. Two domain names were registered: guidepourgrizzlys.ch for French readers and hikesforloners.ch for English ones - in French, a grizzly has a strong conotation of loner and peace-loving person, hence the book and site title. They are mainly an alternate way of reaching noth.ch, which will not disappear at all. In a second step, recipes and some bloopers will probably be reintegrated into the site, but hikes are now the main theme of these pages.

Thanks for your visit!