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Changelog (since 1-Jan-2018)

22-Mar-2021 The Google Maps page has been fixed, it needed a new API key
12-Apr-2018 4 new reports from the guidebook:
28-Mar-2018 3 new hikes from the guidebook (english and french):
25-Mar-2018 4 new hikes published, in both english and french:
22-Mar-2018 Since the guide Randonnées pour Grizzlys - Alpes Valaisannes will soon be 5 years old (and since you had time to buy it), I decided to translate and put online all hikes of the book. This will be done progressively during spring 2018. First text online: Tour de la Fava
20-Mar-2018 A practical new page has been added to the site: a sortable table containing all hikes