Hikes for loners

and independent types


I could have called this help page My Homepage for the dummies, like a well-known book collection, because I don't really see where is the difficulty with navigating on my site. Even though the website was thoroughly redesigned in May 2009, I chose to keep the following structure principle:

There are two navigation zones:

  • the links related with content, they are on the left margin
  • the links related with site options, they are on the top of each page, under the title

The former allow you to go from section to section, and then from subsection to subsection. For example, after you've chosen the section Travels, the available subsections will appear in the menu. This is similar to some file managers under Windows (without the bugs).

The latter allow you to chose another language, to call this help screen, to consult the latest changes, ...

As a general rule, the pictures under Travels and Hiking can be displayed full-size and in separate window when clicking on them. Clicking on that big piture closes that secondary window again, allowing you to carry on with reading.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is it that in the bloopers' section, the original page is not always given ?

It can happen in several cases. Most of the time, the original site disappeared or changed. Then there is the case of pornographic sites. Yahoo France notified me that providing links to such pages was problematic, even though the pages do not belong to me.

Well, I am strongly against any censorship or any limitation of information. But I have to admit that some of the porno sites I was quoting were pretty tasteless, and additionally they open dozens of annoying windows once you enter them. For these reasons, those links are not given any more.

Of course, the curious readers will certainly be able to find the original sites again if they feed Google or another search engine with one of the characteristic words from the page I quoted.

Can you link to my page ?

Why not ? One obvious condition is that your site must handle the same subjects than mine. Do not hesitate to ask if your site writes about

  • an original collection of bloopers
  • hikes in the Alps

In all the cases above, even if I do not link to your page, I will read them with great interest.

On the contrary, you are losing your time (and mine) if you ask for a link to

  • a site that is partly or totally commercial (e.g. a travel agency)
  • a page with nothing more than other links (e.g. a list of blooper pages)
  • an ugly site with flashing banners, sponsors, ...

The purpose of this site is to be informative. Thus there is no reason to link to commercial sites.