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In short:

  • Starting point: Steingletscher, Sustenpass
  • Total duration: 4 hours from the road's end, add about 1 hour if starting at Steingletscher
  • Difficulty: T3 - Challenging Mountain Hikes (even though the trail is marked with blue-white, I consider a rating of T4 - Alpine Hikes would not be justified)
  • KMZ file for Google Earth
  • Profile (up & down): Profile
  • Aloneness index:
    Aloneness index: -1


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The detailed report of this hike has not yet been translated.

The Tierbergli hut

1 - The Tierbergli hut

Big calcareous rock plates

2 - Big calcareous rock plates

Steingletscher and Steinsee

3 - Steingletscher and Steinsee

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